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Thursday, 20 February, 2020
Minimalist Open Heart Diamond IGI Certified Ring (.......)  - For Sale / Clothing, Shoes & Accessories [Minimalist Open Heart Diamond Ring][1] is the stunning blend of vintage and contemporary style. Open heart is engraved with the Brilliant Round Diamonds in the pave setting, other end of the ring is encased with a petite diamond. This piece is composed i...
Tuesday, 18 February, 2020
shrimp hatchery philippines (Zambales)  - For Sale / Business/Industrial Shrimphatchery.biz is owned by Abalos Aqua Farm Hatchery headquartered in Sitio Liwliwa, Brgy. Sto Niño, San Felipe, Zambales. Shrimp Hatchery is the largest aquaculture company in the Philippines and is one of the world’s leading suppliers of geneti...